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Cat Lovers Hoodie Cuddle Pouch

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The ultimate way to cuddle your little buddy

Nothing beats sitting in your coziest PJs, flicking on a good movie and settling down for a night in with your cat curled up on your lap. Why not take the comfort to the max with this Cat Pouch Hoodie? It’s the purr-fect way to snuggle your cat against their will without getting scratched! 

Head Opening Design

  • The head pouch opening has a zipper that gives your cat breathability & visibility to pop out his head and see the world
  • The head opening pouch can fit all sizes of your pet's adorable head
  • Designed to give cat lovers the bond they have been looking for with their best furriends

Great for Taking your Kitty Outside

  • Easily carry your cat with you wherever you go
  • The cat pouch is a great transportation and comfortable spot for your cat to relax on the way to the vet, on a walk outside, or wherever you would like to go.
  • You’ll be able to bring your kitty-cat cuddles anytime, anywhere with this sweatshirt

Extremely Soft Pouch

  • Crafted from ultra-soft cotton and polyester mix that keeps you comfortably warm
  • It's so cozy and comfortable that your pet can stay there for a long time - even a few hours!
  • The ultimate sweatshirt of warmth, cuddle that you and your cat need 

Perfect gift for All Pet Lovers

  • It's the perfect gift to a small dog or cat owner - and make life much easier
  • This pouch fits kittens, puppies, similar-sized pets and slightly larger ones
  • With this comfortable stylish piece of clothing, you’ll keep your pet close, engaged and most importantly safe