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GLOWCOCO | Reflective Fashion

Glowcoco Reflective Holographic Windbreaker

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About The Jacket

Authentic Glowcoco Holographic Windbreaker Jacket

  • 3 layered special fabric made from polyester, resin and glass that creates an amazing reflection with our without a flash
  • Ultra-quality seam-sealed zippers and edges making it highly water-resistant for any condition
  • Unique high-visibility characteristics so you can be seen
  • Perfect for Festivals, Clubbing or just for taking pictures.
  • Shine bright everywhere you go
  • Get FIRE photos with your friends
  • Completes any outfit
  • Super cozy design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 30 day warranty



Q: Are these real? A: YES! They're real. In light and especially with your camera flash on, the material comes to life and reflects in a very unique way making it look like it's from another dimension with extremely vibrant colors. It's crazy cool!

Q: What does it look like without the flash off? A: Have you ever seen an oil spill in a parking lot? It's like that- a mellow rainbow-y color with mild reflections. The material is a dark gray as well.

Q: Can you wash this material? A: Yes you can. Just be gentle. Hand washed is preferred to keep your clothing and material pristine.Text