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High-quality Non-slip Toilet Sticker

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260g Best Seller Stickers
Product description:
  • Purpose--To make your toilet safer and nicer. Sometimes, a wet floor is much too dangerous for us, especially for the old. This High-quality Beautiful Non-slip Toilet Sticker shall safeguard your family and make it pretty.🌹
  • Practicality--This High-quality Beautiful Non-slip Toilet Sticker can fit most floor, guaranteed stickness and water-proof. Use it until you want to change another style. It will leave no mark.
  • Installation--It is super easy to use, simply peel it out and stick it on the cover and floor. No skill needed !!!
  • Non-slip surface--With the raised lines on it, foot will no more slip on the wet floor, safe!!!
  • Thickened cloth--With thicker cloth, foot feel better on it, no more hard floor. Guaranteed 3-Year service life !!!
  • Water-proof material--It shall go a long time till you want to change a new style of it. No matter you put it in washroom or porch, it shall be good.
  • Non-bubble design--Don't worry about the bubbles when apply it on the floor, the special design wiil help you out, automatically give off the air in it.
  • Service life: 3-Year
  • Material: First-grade PVC
  • Shape: Oval, Square
  • Style: Classical
  • Size: 10.2*13.2inch/ 23.6*23.6inch
  • Weight: 200g/$17.99, 260g/$18.99
  1. Does it come off easily? No, unless soaked in water.
  2. Will it be hard to remove? No, no marks left.
  3. Will it take a year to come? No, very soon in US.
  4. Is it made in America? Yes, in California.
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