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Raqueta Matamoscas Electrico Matamosquitos

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Intelligent physical light control 2-in-1 mosquito killer lamp

New upgrade for mosquito control From now on contract, but not simply the four seasons without a mosquito
1. Intelligent light control
2. Dual-use
3. USB charging
4. Double protective cover
5. Low consumption
6. Security

Light source physical trapping Environmental protection and anti-mosquito
Powerful silent electric shock

365nm Violet Wave Physical Light Lure
Active mosquito trapping in fixed areas mosquitoes prefer light waves in the 360nm- 400nmrange

Mosquito Lamp
Anti-mosquito lamp
clap a dual purpose
It is more convenient

Pure physical environmental protection mosquito
Purple light does not harm the eyes No harm to the human body

No longer afraid of mosquitoes buzzing

Double switch Safety escort
Start switch
When the power is on the press to kill mosquitoes
Can turn on the power LED light mode

USB fast-charge Support multi-device charging

Three-layer mesh design Only electric mosquitoes do not hurt people

The safety net with a negative electrode on the surface, no electric shock when touched by the human body

The working grid with a positive pole in the middle and a strong voltage on mosquitoes

The mosquito-free serenity of summer Sound sleep of happiness