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The world's first shape-able stiff brim sunhat

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Shape Flexer Specifications

  • Brim diameter front to back 16-1/4 inches (41.3 cm)
  • Brim diameter side to side 14 inches (35.5 cm)
  • Weight .6 lbs (272 grams)
  • UPF 50+ (crown, brim, and cape)

Securely Store Small Valuables Under Cape

Secure Sunglasses with Adjustable Bungee

Windy Days?  Bring Em' ON!

Highly Wind Resistant!
Highly Wind Resistant!
  • The Shape Flexer Brim will not fold or flop in wind up to 65mph/105 kph.
  • If it's any windier than that, seek shelter immediately!   

A back brim that WON'T cramp your style!

Fine Tune the Brim
Fine Tune the Brim
  • If you hate your sunhat smacking into your backpack, bend the back up for clearance!
  • Or, bend the back up to avoid hitting your back in sports!

Other Sunhat wires don't compare!

  • Most sunhats don't come with a wire in the brim.
  • Those that do, come with either a thin, flimsy, non shape-able plastic wire, or a thin metal wire not meant to be bent or shaped.
  • The Shape Flexer has a patent pending, thick, shape-able, waterproof, durable wire built into the brim.

Singin' in the Rain!

  • Water will not harm the Shape Flexer wire, nor the fabric.
  • Keep the rain off your face.  Even in a torrential downpour, the brim won't buckle! 
Clean it in a Flash!
Washer/Dryer Safe!
Washer/Dryer Safe!
  • Take the time out of cleaning salt stains, dirt, mud, or grime by popping it in the washer and dryer! 
  • Wash on "Warm" or "Cold" cycles.
  • Tumble dry on LOW heat, or drip dry (the Shape Flexer is only damp after a wash cycle, and it air dries quickly!) 
Stay Portable!
Fit it into a pocket!
Fit it into a pocket!
  • Easily fold the Shape Flexer in half twice to fit it into the smallest of spaces. 
  • With security ever tightening at sporting events and concerts, the bags allowed are getting smaller and smaller.  No problem for the Shape Flexer!

Stop the "Strangle and Dangle!"

How many times have people had to carry around their sunhat like this?
How many times have people had to carry around their sunhat like this?
  • When people are out for the day with a sunhat, but out of the sun (or it has gone down), it's all too common to see their hats dangling behind them.  
  • The thin strap is then constantly tugging at your neck while the sunhat is flapping around behind you.  While this won't kill you, it can be very annoying.
  • This isn't a fashion statement, but rather done because the sunhat is too bulky/fragile to get into your bag, your pocket, your lap, or on a table!